We receive yopur order from Monday to Friday. Shippings, with expresse courier , are made every day, the day before order, except Saturday and Sunday.

Gli ordini ricevuti il venerdì, verranno spediti il lunedì.

In caso di giornate festive, gli ordini ricevuti il giorno antecedente verranno evasi al primo giorno lavorativo successivo.

Per le spedizioni nelle isole, non viene garantita la consegna in 48 ore.

Shipping in EU

Garantiamo le consegne nell’arco di 24/48 ore per l’Italia (salvo ritardi dello spedizioniere e nelle isole) e 3/4 giorni per l’Europa, solo per prodotti disponibili a magazzino; per i prodotti non disponibili sarà comunicata, da un nostro referente commerciale, la data di consegna (normalmente prevista entro un massimo di 15 giorni).

In tutta Italia, le spedizioni sono gratuite per acquisti di importo superiore a 45 euro.

Shipping outside EU

Extra Europe delivery requires at least 7 day, for products in stok.

Customer, after selecting products, and before confirning the purchcase order, will be conctant by our sales rappresentative, that will provide you all information in order to proceede with purchcase.

In particularly, customer will be inform about exportable products in selected area, about eventualy certification required ,and eventualy customs duties, that might be increase price.

Only after this, customer can confirn order.

Customer, must control that number of packages delivered correspond to what indicate in transoport document and that packaging is intact and not alterate, even in the closing strip.

In case of tampering /breking, customer will immidiately deny shipping/ delivering affixing the words " RISERVA DI CONTROLLO MERCE" on the delivering document received by courier or other operator.

If you don't affix this words , CA.FORM SRL, won't liable of damages caused by courier.

Passed 7 days, CAFORM SRL won't responsable of eventuali damages during transport.