Terms of Payment

Payment can be effected by: Credit Card, Py pal, Bank Tranfer. We accept Visa Credit Card, Mastercard,Maestro, Diner's Club and American Express.

In order to do payements correctly using purchcase order form with credit card, it's necessary follow this simply rules:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • American Express

Put in the 16 numbers of own credit card , as reported in the same credit card.

Put in correctly expiration date of credit card ( month and year), as reported in the same credit card.

Put in safety code CVV ( the last 3 number in the back of tha card).

Clicking the send button, it starts the transaction, with shipping in encrypted form data to the website of the bank that is responsible for checking the availability of the credit card.

Please note that the credit card transaction takes place directly on the website of the bank, in secure mode (ssl). Therefore, we have no control, for reasons of security and privacy,about the data entered in the purchases form for credit card , which means that we have no chance to know the reasons for which an application is rejected by the bank.

most frequent reason for the rejection of banking transation are:

  1. credit card is not accepted by our system;
  2. error in data enter;
  3. Exceeding the credit limit available.

In relation to this possibility, it may be that the availability of the Card is 'frozen' by the bank for a few days, for a certain amount, if the holder has in place an online transaction with a service e-commerce, although the transaction has not yet been finally terminated (i.e. if an order has been submitted but not yet executed). CA.FORM Srl is in no way responsable for this eventuality.

It's also possible that a rejected transation by the system cames from problems of saturation of banking informatic circuit.

The execution of order comes after confirmation of accreditation.


The execution of order comes after confirmation of accreditation.

In order to preoceed with payement, banking coordinates are set out in purchcase procedure.

Payement on delivery

Payement on delivery is made to the Courier upon delivery of the order.

It's important, upon delivery of the order, to have the exact amount to be paid, because courier can't accept cheque and gives balance.

Payement on delivery involves the application of a small surcharge plus to the cost of shipping.

Safety in transation

The choise of way of payement comes at the end of online shipping process, in a page called "Payement". Online Transactionss with credit card are made with virtual POS. The whole flow of payement is made in safe seerver WEB, through https with security protocol SSL and encoding in 128 bit. Payement system with credit card used by CA.FORM S.r.l. is developed in collaboration with "Payement Gatewway", mondial leader in online sistem payement. Relatively to credit card, Gateway Bankpass guarantees to customer maximum level of safety and privacy during data entering and data evaluationing, infact once you arrived in payement page you are automatically directed to safety connession ssl ( Secur Sockets Layer) that will guarantee privacy in comunication between user and banck. The datas insert in this phase will be visible to banck only, nobody else will have the opportunity to know credit card number. Privacy in online transation is greater than any traditional store, where, your credit card number is imprinted on the tiket that operator keeps for receipt.